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How to Write Learning Objectives Using Bloom’s Taxonomy

Think back to the last eLearning course or training program you took. Did the session begin with a long list of bullets outlining what you’d learn in the experience? Chances are, it did. And chances are also pretty good that whoever wrote the list called them “learning objectives.”

What is LXD?

Many in the training biz have heard the acronym “LXD.” But what do those three letters really mean, and how is this different from instructional design? Find out more!

Creative Challengers: December ’21

Practice your visual design and development skills with this month’s creative prompt. (Free graphics pack inside!) Then, join us for our monthly Sip ‘n Showcase Zoom event on 12/27, where we’ll share our projects and network with other IDs/LXDs!🧑‍🎄