How to Open and Edit Vectors in PowerPoint

Want to edit a vector file, but don’t have Adobe Illustrator? Don’t worry! Microsoft PowerPoint has you covered. ✅

In this eLearning tutorial, I’ll show you how to download a vector file, convert the .EPS to .EMF using CloudConvert, and then insert the image into PowerPoint.

There, you can group and ungroup the shape, editing individual pieces of the vector (recoloring, resizing, and more).

Pro tip: Don’t forget to regroup the shape pieces after you’re finished making adjustments!

Using vector files is huge in the eLearning development world.

Having the ability to recolor graphics to is an essential skill—and one that was once limited to having vector graphic software, like Adobe Illustrator.

While Adobe still reigns supreme in the design world, many instructional designers and eLearning developers don’t need to open Creative Cloud products to actually make meaningful designs.

With this hack, anyone creating eLearning can edit vector images with a simple copy of PowerPoint.

It’s an effective, cost-efficient alternative to using Illustrator. Easy-peasy!

Elevate your design skills by applying this simple eLearning hack to your own projects today! 🎉✨

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