Below are a few kind thoughts from those who’ve found value from Kaborzi’s offerings.

It’s been a joy to work with each of these dedicated, creative folks, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the Kaborzi Learning community we’re growing together! 🙏

As a teacher transitioning out of the classroom and into Instructional Design, I wanted to find ways to learn everything I needed to know to get a job in ID.

I found it quite frustrating when looking for options to upskill.

Most of what I saw was either way too expensive for my budget or not specific enough to my personal learning needs.

Enrolling in Kathy’s “Whose Design is it, Anyway” course was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Through the class, I learned about and enhanced my skill set in graphic design, user experience, and user interactions.

The best thing about the course was practicing what I learned in class with fun homework assignments and sharing and gaining detailed feedback on my work.

Watching my progress and the progress of my cohort from week to week was so rewarding.

Throughout this process, I reached my goal of leaving the classroom by landing my first Instructional Design position at a fantastic company!

If you’re looking for a safe environment to learn, grow, and ask questions, look no further. Kathy is an expert in the field and loves to see her students succeed.

It’s the best course I’ve ever taken!

— Martina Davis | eLearning Developer at American Red Cross

I was laid off from my ID job at a well-known retailer after 33 years of service.

I didn’t have enough confidence in myself or my ID skills to get back out there, so I took four years off—including three back in retail, where I said I’d never work again.

Another ID recommended Kathy’s courses and mentorship to me last year, and in just a few short weeks, I was doing things I didn’t know I was capable of!

Yes, I knew about things like the ADDIE phase and about the importance of colors, fonts, visuals, etc., but after working with Kathy, it became evident that what I knew was just the tip.

I realized being “good ID” was just not good enough.

Thanks to Kathy’s hands-on, easy-to-understand (very patient!) style, I have really upped my instructional design game.

She jokes about her casual teaching style, but I personally love it!

After a few months of working together, I was offered a position as an Instructional Designer at a company where I’ve now worked for nearly a year.

Not only do I make more than I did in my previous ID role, but I also enjoy it a lot more!

Most importantly, I also have my confidence back, which is HUGE.

— Gail Chaffee | Instructional Designer at Chopra

I have a whole Master’s degree in Instructional Design, so that should make me an ID sensei, right?


My Master’s program was heavily focused on learning theory—so checkmark for understanding and applying adult learning theories to my course design—but something was still missing.

For me, it was the technical expertise.

I needed to learn more about how to use eLearning authoring tools like Articulate Storyline and Rise to create and develop these incredible learning experiences. (Well, truth be told, we did a little practice with various tools—but not enough to get real applied practice.)

So, I invested in an applied academy to help close and refine the technical gaps.

Those academies are great in their own right for helping me develop my portfolio and assets, preparing me for interviews, and helping me price my services—but they are pricey and not always as hands on as I would like.

That leads me to the missing link that really helped me get my Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer life all the way together:

Kathy Borysiak of Kaborzi Learning.

Kathy focuses on the creative aspects of Instructional Design: color palettes, branding, typography, copywriting, understanding who my learners are, and how to create learning centered around them.

This was—and quite honestly still is—my “game changer.”

The short time I have spent in the Kaborzi Learning community has opened up a deeper realm of instructional design for me—deeper than the years I spent in my master’s program—and my skills have grown tremendously.

There is so much value in the Kaborzi Learning community.

We are a small, tightly-knit community of ID and eLearning development creative professionals that learn, share, cross-pollinate our expertise and create amazing deliverables each week in “real-time.”

Out of all the instructional design spaces I am a part of, this space is unmatched.

We get to design, create, develop, and showcase our own visions and interpretations based on assigned prompts from Kathy.

Then we submit our deliverables and get the feedback from the community and Kathy in meaningful ways that are actionable and stretch us to refine and evolve in our crafts as ID professionals.

What makes Kathy’s community different?
  • Subject matter: No one else I have come across is focusing primarily on the aspects and elements of visual design and branding.
  • Live, small-group sessions: No one else that I have come across holds weekly 2-hour sessions dedicated to “real-time, live” showcasing that allows live feedback to the deliverables submitted by the community.
  • Affordable pricing: You won’t go broke because she overshares her knowledge and feedback in ways that quite frankly is undervalued for the reasonable cost and what we get out of it.

So, if you are seeking to learn deeper aspects of Instructional Design and elevate your skills to a higher level, check out the Kaborzi Learning community and see if it’s a fit for you.

— Daniella F. Cross-Wilkins, B.S., M.Sc., M.Sc., FCCM | Director of L&D and Co-Founder of Alpha Learning & Development

I reinvented myself as an Instructional Designer five years ago, but as of last year, I still had significant gaps in my career.

Learning with Kathy has been life-changing for me.

Through her courses, I’ve learned about designing and storyboarding like never before.

Her teachings have helped improve my work by developing a sharper eye for details, writing storyboards in a very methodic and practical way, and creating more cohesive designs.

I also booked a one-to-one session with Kathy when applying for an instructional design job.

She advised me about my assignment, interview tips, expectations, etc. I felt so confident after that!

The result cannot be more impressive: I got the job!

Beyond all the knowledge she has to share, Kathy LOVES what she does; you can notice it immediately!

Kathy has created a beautiful and very committed community of learners—we help and support each other and celebrate our progress.

Now, I feel accompanied.

I know I have an expert to advise me to advance in my career, I have colleagues to share experiences, and I have a lot of resources for my work that I didn’t even know existed!

— Lolimar Marcano | eLearning Developer and Instructional Designer at Cox Media

I’m a practicing eLearning developer, but I wanted to improve my ID skills in graphic design, UX, and user personas.

Everything that makes a great portfolio piece! These areas are often overlooked by students, but are very important for recruiters.

I was hoping to achieve this for a reasonable price.

I want to point out that online courses have two big weaknesses that have been addressed by Kathy:
  • It’s particularly difficult to progress without good feedback—but that’s exactly what Kathy provides. She takes the time to provide custom feedback and isn’t stingy with it. She also gives suggestions where needed (but never too much).
  • It’s hard to stay motivated throughout several weeks of a course—but Kathy has a fantastic attitude that makes everyone feel good, during the courses and even while giving her feedback. She’s created a sense of community that makes her student WANT to participate to find that atmosphere back.

I’ve bought many, many online courses, but most are online videos and static content with a forum, which doesn’t really feel alive. And it’s one-sided too—rarely is there any feedback.

Kathy’s courses solve that.

Frankly, go for it. If the course content satisfies you, the rest will delight you.

— François Maréchal | eLearning Developer at Distriplus Group (Di, Planet Parfum)

As a lifelong learner, I am always looking for my next learning adventure.

I couldn’t contain my excitement when I came across the “Whose Design is it, Anyway?” cohort offered by Kathy. 

Kathy brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, creativity and passion to her work which is visible in the course offerings and the weekly VLIT.

The practical, hands-on approach of this cohort has enhanced my Instructional Design skills by:
  • Creating a custom brand book
  • Practicing visual design skills
  • Applying UX/UI design principles to my projects

Kathy gave us detailed feedback after every homework assignment, which helped me put it into action and further refine my final project. 

She also gave us an option to participate in the monthly Creative Challengers prompt, which was not only fun, but also helped me think out of the box and extend my design skills.

I would highly recommend Kathy and Kaborzi Learning to everyone.

— Sabrina Pinto | eLearning Developer and Instructional Designer at Microsoft

I was an ID creating instructor-led training for a medical company, but I was excited to learn more about eLearning.

I joined one of Kathy’s courses and became so inspired by eLearning design and the advantages it has for training.

Kathy was supportive throughout the entire experience. She mentored me, provided learning opportunities, reviewed each project, and helped me build my portfolio. Her feedback helped me learn just the right skills I needed, and her mentorship helped me build confidence in the eLearning world.

After working together, I was able to land a remote eLearning Instructional Designer job with a salary that exceeded my expectations.

Even after landing this job, I’ve continued learning with Kathy.

Her content always has additional information. Let me tell you, those details are gold. I still use the resources today!

— Emily K. Do | eLearning Instructional Designer at ZoomCare

After 10 years in an unfulfilling job, I never thought a career change would be possible.

But in 2018, Kathy helped me get over my fear by introducing me to the Instructional Design world and helping me build my creative skills (and confidence).

After four months of weekly 1:1 coaching sessions with Kathy working on real-world projects, I was prepared to begin applying for a job in ID.

After only a few weeks job hunting, I landed a ID contract with a major retail organization­­—which quickly turned into a full-time role.

Just a few years later, I’m now enjoying a path that’s fulfilling and inspiring every day.

I’ve been promoted twice and am now in a management position at Chopra, where I manage an entire team of IDs.

I’m also making more than double the income that took me 10 years to accomplish in my previous career.

The skills I learned from Kathy have propelled my career growth and set me apart from my colleagues in this space.

Most IDs most don’t take the same design-thinking approach to learning that I learned from Kathy.

The approach Kathy takes to Instructional Design—focusing largely on storytelling, UX design, and UI design—is essential to standing out in the eLearning field, whether you’re just starting out or if you’ve been in ID for a while.

I can’t say enough about the transformative experience I’ve witnessed in my own life through the process of working with Kathy.

— Eric Trudeau | Director of Instructional Design at Chopra