LXD and User Personas: Why Empathy is the Key to Successful Design

Personas are widely used across creative fields to build meaningful solutions for users.

So, why is training so late to the game?

I have thoughts about why we’re so slow up on the uptake (mostly💸), but it’s not too late to start! In fact, I’d argue that digging deep to build empathy with users from the get-go is probably *the* best investment we can make in the corporate world.

If done right, it *will* deliver returns.


Because our courses, programs, and learning experiences ARE products! Our learners ARE customers!

We owe it to them AND to stakeholders to be sure we’re building things folks need AND want to use. (That part is super key.)

To design and build meaningful learning solutions, we have to get to know our learners.

And I mean really know them.

Because contrary to popular stakeholder opinion, our users aren’t just employees.

They’re multifaceted people with lives outside of work. They have personalities, goals and frustrations we need to consider *and solve for* in our designs.

And if we don’t, whatever we’ve built is likely be completely ignored—destined to become dusty, untouched inventory, despite our good intentions.

And that’s no good for anyone.

So, how do we fix this?

My thoughts on how to approach personas from an LXD lens—plus a few other hot takes—in the video. 😎

This is Part 2 of 3 of my LXD mini series. I hope y’all enjoy! (Part 3 coming… soon.)

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