Welcome to Kaborzi, friends!

Want to learn more about instructional design, eLearning development, or LXD?

I hope I can help! 🎉

Hi! I’m Kathy Borysiak. 👋🏼

I’m an LXD and run-of-the-mill creative type who fell into this field nearly a decade ago and never looked back.

Since then, I’ve designed content for a few household names: Zillow, Microsoft, Adobe, Nordstrom, the Gates Foundation, Chopra Global, Committee for Children, the Seattle of Seattle, and Gusto. 🤓

I’ve learned a LOT in that time, and I love teaching others these skills. 🤗

Over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to teach and mentor many talented IDs and LXDs through Kaborzi to help them land new roles or build new skills.

I love developing courses, but this has brought a whole new joy and dimension to my work.

So, what is Kaborzi?

Kaborzi is my little creative brainchild that’s evolved over the seasons.

It’s technically an LLC and a boutique media agency, and I occasionally take on client projects for video editing, LXD, branding, and eLearning development work.

But it’s so much more than business.

It’s also community, where learning folks can come together to support each other on their journeys and share the great work they’ve created. ❤️

It’s creativity. It’s joy!

It’s learning new skills while playing, recognizing that taking ourselves too seriously is a one-way-ticket to burnout.

At its core, Kaborzi is a place of whimsy.

It’s not really a business or a network or a thing.

It’s more of an essence. ✨

It’s whatever it wants to be on any given day, and nothing more.

I’m committed to making learning LXD skills accessible for all.

I understand how hard it is for transitioning instructional designers to get their first ID job—and I’ve heard from my previous students that expensive eLearning bootcamps and ID Masters programs aren’t always the best way to get there.

I’m all for making a career change and encourage you to explore and go forth! I truly do believe there is still room in this field for those who are committed to grow.

But my friends.

You do NOT need to spend thousands of dollars on a bootcamp.

You probably don’t even need to spend a hundred dollars.

Sooo much great content is available for free or through LinkedIn Learning (which is free with a public library card!), and with a little patience and curation, you can reap huge benefits with very little financial investment.

And I believe that’s going to become even more important very soon.

With that in mind, I’m planning to slowly (but definitively) upload all of my content to YouTube for all to enjoy for free.

Some is new, some is repurposed from live classes, and some is just for fun and has really very little to do with LXD but is more about art in general.

I invite you to check out the Kaborzi Learning Network: my little corner of the internet to connect & post inspiration, instructional design tutorials, ideas, eLearning showcases + more. 🎨💻

This will be a slow-roll—but the way I see it, there’s no rush.

I want to enjoy the creation process as much as I hope you enjoy learning.

(This is my little way of “fighting the man,” I guess!)

I’ll also be posting some blogs from time to time. This was my very first love way back when, so it’ll be fun to tap back into those roots.

What’s the TL; DR?

Whether you’re a new instructional designer, a transitioning teacher looking for your first ID job, or an L&D professional seeking LXD and eLearning training, my hope is that you can find something here that inspires, engages, and/or teaches you something valuable as you’re building your ID career. 📚

Explore and have fun!

❤️ Kathy