Want to learn instructional design skills and have fun, too?

You’re in the right place! 🎉

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Meet Kaborzi Learning.

We’re a boutique creative agency + learning academy with deep expertise some high-demand skills: instructional design, eLearning development, copywriting, branding, video editing, and graphic design—just to name a few.

Our passion: Helping current and transitioning IDs improve their design skills, create powerful portfolios, and develop top-notch learning experiences.

Today, we’re primarily fueling this focus through on-demand courses and ID mentorship.

Check out our offerings below!
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We’re committed to making learning ID skills accessible for all.

We understand how hard it is for transitioning instructional designers to get their first ID job—and we’ve heard from our students that expensive eLearning bootcamps and ID Masters programs aren’t always the best way to get there.

Our goal is to help fill the gaps by providing practical and affordable skill-building opportunities that serve IDs all experience levels and backgrounds.

Whether you’re a new instructional designer just beginning your ID career transition journey, or an experienced learning professional hoping to develop new eLearning or design skills, we’re here to support you!