How to Write Learning Objectives Using Bloom’s Taxonomy

Think back to the last eLearning course or training program you took. Did the session begin with a long list of bullets outlining what you’d learn in the experience? Chances are, it did. And chances are also pretty good that whoever wrote the list called them “learning objectives.”

Avoid Low-Quality Graphics to Create Better Designs (Pro Tip #3)

Another very common question I get from new designers is, “Where can I find good graphics for my projects? Google Images doesn’t cut it for me.” I hate hearing that folks have relied on Google Image search for so long—and I cringe thinking how many copyright violations are happening on the daily from those who don’t know how many incredible resources actually exist.

Remove Backgrounds with PowerPoint to Design Better Graphics (Pro Tip #2)

New IDs often ask me: “How can I remove the background from this image?” They’re usually working with a JPEG that needs a transparent background. The truth is, there are countless ways to achieve this; some are just easier than others. (Spoiler alert: PPT is my fave.)