On-Demand Courses

Learning Nuggets make building design skills easy and fun!

Whether you need to build your portfolio, upgrade your design skills, or tell a more engaging story using visuals, Kaborzi Learning Nuggets will teach you easy hacks to make your work stand out—all while using accessible resources and affordable tools, like PowerPoint.

What you can expect from these on-demand ID courses:
  • Video-based how-to tutorials
  • Downloadable PowerPoint workbooks (to practice your skills in real time!)
  • PDF reference guides
  • Occasional quizzes (just to keep you on your toes!)

Take one or take them all! In less than an hour per Nugget, you’ll be up and running with new practical design skills you can use right away.

Current Learning Nuggets

Want to give Learning Nuggets a zero-risk test run?

Check out this *name your price* sampler to check Learning Nuggets out!

This mini course covers hands-on tips and techniques to improve your design skills and have a bit of fun doing it. Whether you’re a new ID or just someone who wants to make your designs a little sharper, you’ll walk away with valuable knowledge—and (hopefully!) inspiration to keep on learning!

Energy Exchange: Up to you!

Want to create polished designs, but don’t know where to begin?

Let’s start with the basics together!

Learn the most common file types used in graphic design and eLearning, plus discover free and low-cost design resources to find high-quality graphics. This Nugget is more knowledge-focused, filled with PDF cheat sheets you’ll reference time and time again.

Energy Exchange: $10

Working with photos and need them to pop?

Learn 4 super-cool cropping techniques to elevate your layouts with PowerPoint.

Think cropping is a basic skill? Think again! Learn to flip, rotate, zoom, reposition, reshape, and reuse photos to makeover your layouts like never before—then download PowerPoint workbooks to try it yourself. IDs of all levels will learn something new from this Nugget.

Energy Exchange: $22

Need to gussy up your graphics, but don’t have (or know) Photoshop?

Don’t stress! PowerPoint has plenty of options up the wow factor of your work.

If you’re seeking an easy way to add polish and create gorgeous graphics, look no further. In this Nugget, you’ll learn 6 unique artistic techniques to dynamically transform the look/feel of photos and objects. Download workbooks to play along! Again, IDs of all skillsets will have fun with this one.

Energy Exchange: $28

Want more Learning Nuggets?

You’re in luck! More are on the way.

With topics ranging from Color Theory, User Personas, and Principles of Design, we’ll soon have a full-fledged Nugget library, filled to the brim with juicy LXD knowledge.

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