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Below are my current offerings which include a live component! I also encourage you to check out the other on-demand courses I’ve created as well.

Blended Learning Experiences

Like on-demand learning, but want a live component, too? Check out the below opportunities to first learn on your own, then connect with the greater Kaborzi Learning community to learn skills together!

Branding 101: Color Meaning Basics (Free or donation-based)

NOTE: As thank you for your support, I’m offering this as a gifted experience through 2022. Any and all donations received will be distributed among the creative team for their great work on this project! You are also welcome to join for free and share with anyone you think may like this.

About the course

Brand colors are deeply rooted in color psychology—which colors evoke which feelings and why. For this reason, the palettes you pick have a big impact on your projects and overall message.

Whether you’re building a brand of your own, or simply designing with brand guides for other companies, having a foundational understanding of what the colors mean will help you tell a stronger story.

This is a blended course hosted on our private learning community on Mighty Networks, with a self-guided on-demand course (which you can take at any time) and a quarterly Zoom meet up, which you can attend once (or many times!).  

Here’s what’s included:
PART 1: On-Demand Course

This portion is all about diving in and having FUN. In the self-guided portion, here’s what’s on your agenda: 

  • Read about each of the 12 colors, including what they mean, which brands use them, and how to leverage them in your work. 
  • Immerse yourself in color meanings through 12 Color Commercials: Beautifully edited and narrated videos created & produced by Kaborzi mentees! (Note: Hopefully this will get you excited about learning how to make your own!) 
  • Reflect on your own feelings for each of the colors in a downloadable workbook. 
  • Download a beautiful 14-page eBook which you can use as a quick reference guide as you build work with the colors down the road. 
PART 2: Live Zoom Workshop: Learn How to Create Your Own Color Commercial in Canva

Upcoming Live Sessions: 7/17 at 11 AM Pacific Time

This is a super-fun opportunity to come together with other creatives to build your portfolio AND expand your community!

In this two-hour Zoom workshop, you’ll learn the basics of writing, producing, and creating your own Color Commercial using industry-standard video editing tools. 

  • Leverage copywriting skills to craft a script
  • Source b-roll video from top-quality stock sources to enhance your story
  • Record voiceover (or source top-quality work!)
  • Compile your color commercial using Canva
What’s the TL;DR?

Colors are a huge part of branding, and visual storytelling is a big part of eLearning development. Wherever you are on your creative journey, you’ll find value (and fun) from this highly collaborative course. 

Come join us! All are welcome. 🙂

Stand-Alone Workshops

We don’t have any current stand-alone workshops on the docket. Check out the above blended opportunities to participate in a live session!