I’ve been an Learning Experience Designer since 2013, and a creative dabbler since I could string words together.

I’ve always felt a magnetic pull toward writing, design, and working with people. I absolutely love this field and the opportunities it provides to connect all these dots.

Throughout my career, I’ve created content and designed courses for tech, retail, K-12 education, health & wellness, non-profits, and government agencies. 

This variety has given me a chance to learn a little about a lot, and this “jack-of-all-trades” skill set is my secret sauce when it comes to solving new problems.

I’m a true generalist and love continuing to grow and expand my toolkit! (My MC’s in Gemini, for any astrology fans out there.)

For me, the value of this work goes beyond creating engaging online courses.

It’s about connecting to a deeper purpose, and helping others connect to theirs. 

I approach my work like a spiritual practice: show up each day, give more than expected, accept what’s offered, and push myself to grow just a little more in everything that I do. 

After working in-house as both an individual contributor and a people manager, I’m really now focused on sharing the wealth of knowledge I’ve accrued with others.

Through my training courses and 1:1 coaching sessions, I’ve mentored dozens of new and aspiring IDs, helping them transition into fulfilling, lucrative careers as instructional designers.

It’s my soul’s greatest joy to see others succeed. 💗