Color Meaning: Green 🌳

In the Color Meaning Basics series, we’ll dive into 12 of the colors to learn a little more about each, including what they mean, where you see them, and how to use them.

Get grounded.

What’s the meaning behind green?

Green represents stability, nature, and growth.

It’s trustworthy and wholesome—a symbol of Mother Earth. It carries a sense of pride and dignity.

As the color of money (at least in the US), green symbolizes prosperity; a reward for a job well done.

Which brands use green in their palettes?

You’ll see green featured as a primary color in John Deere, Starbucks, Fidelity, and more.

When should you use green in your design work?

Green is often used by organic and eco-conscious brands to symbolize health, wellness, and earthiness. (“Go green!”)

It’s a great primary color to use for anything related to the earth, health, or prosperity.

Want to explore green even further?

Brand colors are deeply rooted in color psychology—which colors evoke which feelings and why. For this reason, the palettes you pick have a big impact on your projects and overall message.

Whether you’re building a brand of your own, or simply designing with brand guides for other companies, having a foundational understanding of what the colors mean will help you tell a stronger story.

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