Avoid Low-Quality Graphics to Create Better Designs (Pro Tip #3)

Another very common question I get from new designers is, “Where can I find good graphics for my projects? Google Images doesn’t cut it for me.”

I hate hearing that folks have relied on Google Image search for so long—and I cringe thinking how many copyright violations are happening on the daily from those who don’t know how many incredible resources actually exist.

I’m not saying don’t EVER use Google for image searches. You can tweak the filter settings to search for large files and/or those available to use under the Creative Commons license. But I’d venture to guess that most folks don’t do this.

By finding images on Google instead of using a high-quality stock graphics site, you run the risk of:

  • Downloading a low-quality, pixelated photo
  • Using a photo you don’t have the rights to
  • Creating deliverables that look unpolished

So, where can you source quality graphics instead?

Better Graphic Resources

I’m excited to share with you a couple of my favorite resources for finding high-quality images, graphics, and other visuals that you can use for your eLearning projects.

These sources can be used without attribution, meaning you don’t have to give credit to the source in your projects.

Quick recap:

  • Don’t use Google Images.
  • Instead, try using resources like Pexels or RawPixel to find high-quality graphics, photos, and more.
  • Remember: the higher the pixel number, the higher the resolution! Try not to zoom in or scale up on an image that’s itty-bitty, because that’s how you get pixelation issues.

Want a little more guidance on how to use graphics correctly?

I have just the resource for you!

I know I already mentioned in in Lesson 1, but I truly cannot recommend the course, File Types & Graphic Resources, enough.

I created this *super* affordable on-demand resource with my many overwhelmed mentees in mind, who are always flustered by just how many resources and file types there really are.

Not only do I walk through 5 file types and 11 top-quality graphic resources, but I’ve also included top-quality PDF reference guides and a graphic scavenger hunt for you to practice sourcing stock photos on your own.

I’m quite proud of this one, and I think y’all will love it. 🙂

Here’s a little overview again:

LXD Basics: Learn File Types & Graphic Resources ($10)

In this mini-course, I’ll help you learn the most common file types used in graphic design and eLearning. (So many acronyms!) I’ll also point you toward my favorite free and low-cost design resources to find high-quality photos, graphics, icons, illustrations, and other media for your projects.

In less than an hour, you’ll be up and running with the basics, plus more!

What’s the TL; DR of this lesson?

Let me break it down:

  • No more Google Image searches, please and thank you!
  • Leverage high-quality resources like Pexels and RawPixel to grab high-quality graphics for your eLearning projects.
  • Check out the File Types & Graphic Resources course for even more resources and guidance around how to use graphics
  • Have FUN! It takes a little playing around to get comfortable using all of these resources.

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